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17th February 2012

The Partnership


Breakfast.. Coming up!

Wash Day "Blues"

Cashpoint and on the bus

The Boys out shopping

Out & about + Traffic Lights

In the Garden

Millennium Dog, Award day

Shopping & at the Post office

Endal  sat posing for the photographer
Endal in a proud pose
Endal operating the cash point (ATM) machine

Endal has been awarded

The Peace Time Dicken medal

November 2002

Puppies in the house

Chip and Pin

Latest Team Photos

Wag and Bone Award 2004

Links Page

Recent visits photos

Easter /Spring photos

Endal wearing his Blue Peter badge

Golden Bonio Award

Visit to the Vet

Just for Fun

Sept 2001

Life Saver Award

Endal the model Dog

Appears as April's

"Hunk of the Month"


Latest team Photos
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